Hair like pondweed

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday 10 June 2011 17:52

What a difference a space makes. I am not referring to my own bouffant, rather the aquatic macrophyte Hairlike Pondweed. Not the most inspiring of photos I am afraid but a tick for me all the same. I have been at Amberley Wildbrooks today, discussing management issues there with the RSPB and a number of local experts. It was a great meeting and the rain held off. I managed five ticks including four vascular plants which was an added bonus. 

The rarest of which was probably Cut-grass, although I didn't manage a photo. I will have to go back and get another shot later in the summer when we do the ditch monitoring. We also saw the rather impressive Sharp-leaved Pondweed, another rare species that is common enough at Amberley.
And not forgetting Great Water Parsnip which was not in flower, yet another new species for me.
Finally, we were pretty sure this was Horse Leech. I know there are not that many species of leech in Britain, certainly not ones this big. Quite an ugly brute. I end the day on 3437 species.

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