1/2 inch stiletto

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Tuesday 14 June 2011 20:08

About a month ago we found some long white Diptera larvae in a pile of red rot at the bottom of an oak tree in Eridge. I kept one and bred it through and found it emerged this morning. With a little help I was pointed in the direction of the stiletto-flies (thanks Mark!). I have just keyed it out and I am afraid it comes out as the least exciting species, a male Common Stiletto Thereva nobilitata. Might get this one checked though.

I also went to Eridge where this common micro was also a tick for me. Pththeochroa inopiana which feeds in the roots of Common Fleabane (that's what it's resting on) of which there is lots on site. It's quite different to other tortricoids and is interesting as it is the first one in the book. Early start for me so a short blog tonight.

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