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Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 8 January 2011 18:54

I had two ticks today, both woodlice. Jo and I went to Shoreham Beach/Harbour and I resorted to poking around under drift wood in the salt marsh. I struggled to get good shots as they were very mobile. I have definitely seen this first one before but did not realise that there was only one species, it's Common Sea Slater Ligia oceanica. This is a big woodlouse, this one was well over 2 cm long but it was really quick and hard to photo before it shot under some Sea Purslane.
This species is much smaller (c5 mm) and prettier. It's the Rosy Woodlouse Androniscus dentiger and although I found it under an old piece of plywood on the saltmarsh, it's not in anyway restricted to the coast. Another common species I have somehow managed to overlook for years! That puts me on 3035.

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Rosy Woodlouse Androniscus dentiger

I have not seen this before locally.


Andy Horton.
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