Handsome Woollywort

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 10 January 2011 21:04

I'm afraid I have unearthed a whole load of old records I have for bryophytes whilst searching through my old computer, adding another 18 species to my list but that is it for the old records. I went on a bryophytes masterclass course in September 2005 and we went to the Long Myndd and Whixall Moss. Long Myndd first. The above liverwort is a strange fern-like thing with a ridiculous English name; Handsome Woollywort Trichocolea tomentella. I saw this in the same gully as I saw Wilson's Filmy-fern in too. This is a really nice moss, Urn Haircap Pogonatum urnigerum and is very distinctive being so glaucous (I love glaucous plants, don't  know why). The photo is a little blurred, I had only owned the Coolpix 4500 for a few months at the time and hadn't figured out I was supposed to keep it still when taking photos.
We also went to Whixall Moss where I got to grips with most of the common Sphagnum but I forgot I saw this beauty, which just so happens to be quite a local one. This is Golden Bog-moss Sphagnum pulchrum (with a little Round-leaved Sundew).
So that puts me on 3053 and I can promise no more retrospective ticks (I was a little eager to put my list together in the summer and didn't quite collate all my older sightings). Finally though I leave you with the best photo I took that day, the larvae of the Broom Moth curled up on a path and one of my all time favourite shots.

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Kingsdowner Says:

Handsome Woollywort must win a prize for "Name of teh Week"...... and that is indeed a lovely photo of the Broom Moth larva - brown and yellow is very Seventies.

Graeme Lyons Says:

It's a good name for the liverwort I think. Thanks for the comments. I might be heading up to the North Downs in the summer to look for Late Spider Orchids. It still surprises how much I have NOT seen in this country.

Crafty Green Poet Says:

bryophytes are so interesting, your photos are excellent and Handsome Woollywort is a wonderful name

Graeme Lyons Says:

Thanks for the comments!

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