I wish I had a Waxwing's liver

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 4 December 2010 16:30

Grrrrr! Cooped up for days. Working from home. This was the view from my office window at home into the neighbours garden yesterday (all the snow had gone by this morning). More berries than you could eat in a year but where are the Waxwings? Not here that's for sure. I did see a Goldcrest in the garden and some Meadow Pipits hanging around by the local shops. I have found the last few days really frustrating, Woods Mill has been closed and I have hardly left the flat. I was convinced I might at least get some thrushes in the garden but nothing. So, to fill the Waxwing shaped hole in my life, I was reading about them instead and discovered something I didn't know in the new edition of Collins Bird Guide (I actually love that book). They will occasionally eat fermented berries to the point of being so drunk they can't fly but they have evolved a super-efficient liver to deal with this and get them back on the berries ASAP. I could so do with such an organ as I really can't handle the two day hangover which is such a joy of my thirties. I definitely hold even more respect for Waxwings now. Rowdy gangs of Nordic invaders come to steal our resources and get drunk in the process. Sound familiar?

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wildbirdandpondfood.com Says:

How funny, we could all do with one around christmas.

Lucy Corrander : Photos Says:

We have few birds because we have many cats in the neighbourhood. However, blackbirds are enjoying rose-hips. I put apple on a pole for them but that has been completely ignored. A robin bounces in and out occasionally, as do some sparrows - and that's it.


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