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So it was three years ago, I was at Abernethy RSPB Reserve in Scotland and the photo is terrible but this is the very surreal David Lynch like moment when I dropped quickly down from a vast, rather birdless, uniform Heather moor into a wide, stony-bottomed sunken stream bed to watch a (young?) feral Reindeer walk straight past me! Oblivious to my presence (get it!) the only sound you could hear were its hooves negotiating the rocky bottom. Then it was gone. 
We were surveying breeding birds on the reserve between the trees and the mountains. A vast area, with some impressive sightings. Walking up and down the bases of mountains for 17 km in knee deep Heather did make you look a bit like you were dancing and for a few hours after you had finished too. Camping for a month in the Abernethy Forest was a memorable experience too, although when it got to -4 on the first night I was a bit freaked out. This, the Timberman (sounds like a super hero), is one of the most impressive longhorn beetles and can be seen in some numbers at the wood yard there. Look closely at the antennae to see just how long they are!
I have totally lost my voice for Christmas Day, good job the Internet is now my main way of communicating. Have a great Christmas everyone!

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Anonymous Says:

A Very Happy Christmas and A Very Happy New Year to you. Thank you for the most interesting and amusing notes over 2010, we have enjoyed everyone.
Get well soon.

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