Miller's Thumbs up to the new fish pass

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Wednesday 3 November 2010 18:09

There is another project going on further up the valley field, off SWT land at Woods Mill, by the Environment Agency, to completely revamp the fish pass there that had essentially stopped functioning. Sea Trout breed on the river and were unable to get past this point...until now. At about 2.00pm this afternoon we got a call saying the completed fish pass had been reconnected to the stream but a few fish were stuck in a temporary ditch that needed to be reprofiled. I legged it up the valley and we managed to save three tiny Bullheads, or Miller's Thumbs as I prefer (above shot) and one tiny Brown Trout that perhaps could one day develop into a Sea Trout!
Finally, here is a shot of one of the several stages of the fish pass. I hope to one day see a Sea Trout jumping up there!

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