Dense-flowered Fumitory

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 18 November 2010 20:18

This is the second most frequent fumitory I see and this is the third time I have seen it on the Downs. Dense-flowered Fumitory has large sepals, (about 3 mm and quite round), 5-6 mm flowers, bracts longer than the pediclels and channelled leaves. The flowers do appear quite congested and I think noticeably more magenta pink than Common Fumitory, it's these two characters that draw you in in the first place. It's cool that there are scarce arable plants still flowering in November! I also saw White Horehound today although only in leaf. I completed another bird survey today and here is the view looking back towards Brighton around 8.00 am this morning.
Bird highlights included a flock of c2000 Starlings, 100+ Corn Buntings and a hungry Merlin chasing them.

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