Look at this tiny but amazing longhorn beetle!

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 11 September 2010 18:51

I got back to Frimley Green today and saw a tiny longhorn beetle on the outside of an upstairs window. I managed to get it into a pot without falling to my death. It's Pogonocherus hispidus, a local species that I have not seen before. I did see one of the three similar species in 2002 but that was before I new there were three species! The other closely related species, Pogonocherus hispidulus, has a white scutellum while this one has a black one. I am pretty sure this is a bird-dropping mimic too, it's certainly in the right size range. It has really hairy legs and antennae, swollen femur and being only 5 mm long, a lot of the detail is not visible by  naked eye. It's also a new one for me, awesome!

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