Infectious fungal disorder

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Tuesday 21 September 2010 17:53

I've been getting quite into my fungi recently. I called in to Ebernoe on my afternoon off and found nine fungi I had not seen before and a bug. Firstly the Pink Waxcaps Hygrocybe calyptriformis (first picture) are fruiting in the churchyard right now and are very photogenic. There is Butter Waxcap Hygrocybe ceracea there too.

Also in the churchyard I found this dinky little bolete which I managed to ID as Matt Bolete Boletus pruinatus. It was only about 2 cm across and had very tiny pores separating it from some closely related species.
Whilst I was photographing the above mushroom, this bug landed on my hand. It's Parent Bug and one that I have never seen before.
Still in the churchyard. With a little help from Barry Hughes of the West Weald Fungi Group I was able to identify this fungus as Velvet Brittlegill Russula violeipes. It has slightly pink stems that darken with age.
Finally I got out of the churchyard after about an hour and found lots of Porcelain Fungus on fallen Beech. They look a bit like jellyfish I think.
Later on I saw these huge boletes with red-flecked stems. I cut one open and it had red pores and flesh turned blue before I had pulled it apart. This is Boletus luridiformis. Thanks again to Barry for confirming my ID.
Finally, I saw this bolete with a collar and a slimy cap, it's Slippery Jack and yet another species I have not seen before. I'm well on target for 3000 species by Christmas...

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Unknown Says:

Great shots, what camera/ lens are you using?
PS - it's not those above that make the shot - it's the photographer, but I can see the colour and quality are pretty damn fine as well, and I'm in the market for a new camera.

Unknown Says:

PS: we try to watch you interviews online but for some reason we get blocked by the UK sights in AU.
Oh well!

Graeme Lyons Says:

Thanks Kirsty. I am suing a very old camera, ten years old in fact. The Nikon Coolpix 4500. It is only 4 mega pixels but it has an excellent macro function that I am happy to keep using until this one breaks. I have some details of the model I will buy when this breaks if you want it! Graeme.

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