Is this the rarest moth I have ever found?

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 22 July 2010 17:28

OK, firstly I have to say I cannot claim this record all on my own, Penny Green put the trap out for me last night but had the day off today so was not there for the discovery but I see this very much as a joint record. This Marsh Dagger is only the third in the UK since it went extinct in 1933. One was recorded at Rye Harbour in 1996, one was recorded this week (Monday 19th) at Pagham Harbour and then the Woods Mill moth are the only records since then. It was known from inland sites when it was resident up to its extinction and today's record is the only 'inland' (we are about 10 miles inland) record since then. According to 'Waring, Townsend & Lewington' the habitat is just right for it at Woods Mill, so I will do some trapping there on the wider reserve (not just near the plug socket) in the next few weeks. Also, in 'South' he states an alternative name for this moth is The Grisette which is way cooler than Marsh Dagger.
There was quite a list in the trap last night, 183 moths of 65 species. Other goodies included the nationally scarce Webb's Wainscot and this awesome Large Emerald. I also recorded a Marbled Green in my toilet last night by keeping the window open and light on for half an hour.

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