Arable weeds

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 3 July 2010 14:39

I just went a short walk up to Hollingbury from my house and was amazed to get two vascular plants ticks. I stopped on a mound of disturbed soil, both swine-cresses and Scarlet Pimpernel drew my eye in. Then I saw lots of Henbit Dead-nettle and Common Field Speedwell and as I was photographing the dead-nettle, I saw something I did not even recognise, as I got closer I realised it was Small Toadflax. I began photographing the tiny specimen only to notice that immediately below it was a single plant of Sharp-leaved Fluellen. I have never seen either of these species before, how cool, within walking distance of my house!? The toadflax is the second photo and the top photo is the fluellen. Arable weeds are pretty cool and really easy to overlook. I think the vegetation community comes out as OV15. It's really easy to find as the mound of bare earth is visible from Ditchling Road (see bottom photo).

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