Britain's worst song bird?

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 17 May 2010 18:07

You often here Nightingale quoted as being 'the best song bird in Britain' but what about the worst? I think that it has to go to Spotted Flycatcher (I saw my first one of the year today at Ebernoe Common in the car park). This song is truly pathetic, it sounds more like the call of a Robin and a lot of good birders don't know it, it is so unlike a typical 'song' and often gets missed. In fact, Spotted Flycather's call is more interesting than it's song. I think Reed Bunting is a close runner up though. Anyway, enough slagging of the musically challenged. In the churchyard at Ebernoe Common there were three Green-winged Orchids (photo) in flower today, they are pretty small and are probably about to get mown but I only saw one there last year. A Turtle Dove was purring nearby too.

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