The Box of Delights

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 31 May 2010 10:06

Another post from out of county, this time Jo's Mum's garden in Frimley Green, Surrey. I moth trapped for the last two nights and the highlights were this awesome Alder Moth (middle photo) and a Yellow-barred Brindle that flew off before I could get a photo. Last night, although colder and clearer than the night before, had many more moths and six Cockchafers (top photo). The male Muslin Moth (bottom photo) was voted cutest moth and I had to get a photo of the furry little bugger. Moth-trapping in a garden has to be the easiest and lasiest form of natural history, as I don't have a garden at the moment, this was a real treat.

Whilst processing the moths, I noticed a Blue Tit with food shoot into a nest box nearby. As it came out, it didn't look quite right so I went and got my bin's and waited in the porch. Fifteen minutes later it turned up and I got a split second view as it stuck its head out of the nest box. All the feathers were missing from its head! It gave me quite a fright as it looked like a living dead bird, I was amazed that this zombie tit had managed to find a mate and breed! However, it seemed to have no problem finding caterpillars. It reminded me of the evil Skeksis from The Dark Crystal. Poor little thing.

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