Weeping Conk

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 16 August 2018 17:25

I was out with Martin Allison at Ebernoe Common setting up some fungi monitoring there are a couple of days ago and we were enjoying the Oak Brackets Inonotus dryadeus. I love the amber droplets that extrude from the cap so I was trying to do some quick research to find out what they actually are. I drew a blank but did find out it has the colloquial name of Weeping Conk and I do love a good colloquial name.

On a tree that was full of Porcelain Fungus last year we walked right up to this huge bracket which is quite a goody. Martin microscopically identified this as Clustered Bracket Inonutus cuticularis. Hard to imagine they are in the same genus! There are only around 15 records in the SxBRC database and 10 of those are from either the Mens or Ebernoe Common. It's very hard to get a new fungus for Ebernoe Common!

And Ruby Bolete Hortiboletus rubellus was also a nice one to see.

Just a quick one today but I leave you with the remains of a Bird's-nest Orchid. Still good enough for a record quite late in the season.

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Thomas Curculio Says:

I spotted a Weeping Conk at Cop Mere last week. I was actually looking for beetles but always good to see something different!

Graeme Lyons Says:

Nice when that happens. Hope you found some beetles too!

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