...it was my ear and it came off when I fell out of a tree

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Friday, 10 March 2017 12:46

It's been a while since I posted one of my 12 year old bird diary entries and this is a corker. I have been looking forward to this one (hence skipping out the Snow Goose entry which was a bit boring really). So, it's 24th November 1990 and I'm fond of copying pictures from the Reader's Digest bird book. However, I think was my finest hour...

Very windy and cold with snow and hail now and then. We split up with Mr Berry at Park hall and went looking for the long eared owls. Then we saw a man with a strange cross bread dog (half dog, half bap), we asked him and he said that he had just saw one (in half) roosting in a tree and he marked a circle in the floor (AKA as ground Little Graeme) around the tree, we saw the bird but it was a bad view. We could make out the ear tufts.

So far so good and not that weird. Then we went looking for mushrooms...

              Then we whent to Shugborough for an hour, looked at some books had our dinner, there was some good books on fungi (I distinctly remember looking at the first edition of Roger Phillips and being amazed), and there was a disc on the computer called 'camping', which I was sent to hospital for drinking contaminated water. 

What?!?! This makes no sense to me, clearly there is a missing sentence and punch-line here. I have never been sent to hospital for drinking contaminated water. There is a slim chance Ewart will be able to shed some light on this but I think we might have to just accept that for what it is. Nonsense!

We saw some fungus, mycenas, parousel mushrooms and Jew's ear (that's Jelly Ear in the civilised age) fungus, which is very damp and soft and looks like someones ear (who knew?!). I pretended to Mr Berry that it was my ear and it came of when I fell out of a tree. Ha ha, I bet I thought he'd fall for it, I was totally convinced it looked identical to a human ear. The power of suggestion to a 12 year old!

Next up a Sociable Plover for an antisocial 12 year old...

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