Even the sea creatures have gone hipster in Brighton

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Sunday 21 August 2016 12:04

You can't walk far in Brighton without being confronted with an array of outlandish novelty beards these days. Except perhaps when rock-pooling. Or so I thought. Olle found this Bearded Mussel under a stone at a Shore Search event. So even the shellfish have turned hipster. What's next? Anemones with tattoos? Crabs with dungarees? Fish with over-sized glasses, daft hair-cuts and weird moustaches?

Precisely my point, look at this idiot. Who does he think he is?! You don't have any of this nonsense with a Shanny. No the Tompot Blenny is a true hipster. That moustache is ridiculous. Take a look at yourself mate.

In all seriousness I was totally stoked to find Tompots at Saltdean just off Brighton beach. We also found:

Rock Goby (2) - new to the site.
Tompot Blenny (2) - new to the site
Shanny (1) - always the commonest fish, can't believe we saw (well caught) only one.
Five-bearded Rockling (many young ones)
Long-spined Sea Scorpion (1 young one)
One unidentified fish that I think was a small Sea Bass.

In the past I have also had there:
Sea Bass
Corkwing Wrasse
Narrow-headed Clingfish
Garfish (dead)

So it's proving to be a great spot for fish. I always get really carried away with fish rock-pooling. So much fun.

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Gibster Says:

Eyup matey, all quiet fishwise here. Apart from 61 Blue Sharks and 2 Porbeagles tagged and released, umpteen goodies like Cuckoo Wrasse, Red Gurnard, Grey Gurnard, Garfish, Scad, Ling, Pollack, Coalfish,leaping Sunfish, blah blah blah all the usual suspects. Glad to see you're still alive bud! Catchya in the winter.

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