The spice must flow

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 23 October 2014 22:47

You might not get that reference. I just can't help quote Frank Herbert every time I go to some sand dunes, which are rapidly becoming my new favourite habitat. On Tuesday I took the day off and went to Camber Sands with county fungi recorder and old RSPB colleague, Martin Allison. The weather was pretty dramatic and we didn't see huge numbers of fungi but Martin has just confirmed this specimen as Dune Waxcap, the species I wanted to see after I thought I found it there a couple of years ago. I spent most of the time taking photos of the strange shifting sands and sculptures created by the tail end of Gonzalo, like these.

The wind was coming straight along the beach from the west and it looked quite impressive.

Back to the fungi. I believe that this tiny little bracket is Phellinus hippophaeicola. It's growing on Sea Buckthorn which is the host plant and there sure is a lot of Sea Buckthorn at Camber!

I did a small amount of sieving for inverts and found seven individuals of the cool Marram specialist jumping spider Marpissa nivoyi and a single Rhombic Leatherbug.

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