Children of Dune

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 17 May 2014 18:09

I attended/ran the BAS field trip to Camber Sands today and we had a great time. I managed a number of new spiders and even though I only got one of my three target species, it was the one I wanted to see the most. We only found one Marpissa nivoyi (I have seen all the Marpissas now!) all day and no Philodromus fallax or Synageles venator. Chris sieved this from Marram litter.

Xerolycosa miniata was abundant throughout the dunes.

Thanks to Chris I saw a number of new flies, including this female Dysmachus trigonus.

Beetle wise, the highlights were the stunning Panagaeus bipustulatus (well spotted Matt, great to catch up with you and Nicola again) and a dead specimen of something that might turn out to be new to Sussex! Just a quick one tonight as I am off to see Godzilla, I'll write a more detailed post tomorrow...

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