I found my 4500th species in...

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Thursday 26 September 2013 18:49

...a public toilet. It wasn't until I got home that I found I had reached my 4500th species today without  even realising. Now, I have seen loads of more interesting and exciting things than this species but I haven't had chance to blog about those yet. So in the mean time, my 4500th species was the rather dull little micro moth Eudonia angustea.

It's really difficult to try and 'fix' a significant marker in pan-species listing as an exciting species (I was hoping to see something during the small fish survey at Rye Harbour tomorrow) and you're not even safe in a public toilet it would seem! I was at Rye Harbour today and tried to get in via the south-west end of the reserve at Winchelsea Beach. The gate was locked but I spotted the toilets on the way back out and dashed in to use the loo. There were moths everywhere including four Eudonia angustea, three Mallows and best of all a Gem.
I took some pretty bad photos on my iPhone as I wasn't exactly prepared for macro photography when I went in there! 

Only 500 to go until 5000 which I expect will happen some time in 2014. It's nearly three years since my 3000th species which was also a micro moth on a wall. It's strange to think I have seen half as many species again in the last three years than I saw in the previous 22 years (my first biological record being made in 1988).

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