20 tonne sandcastle

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Saturday 5 January 2013 11:06

This huge block of sand has been deposited by the stream at Woods Mill over the last few weeks. A much smaller scroll bar had developed there over the last few years but was a fraction the size of this. I measured it as being roughly 7 x 3 metres and about 0.5 metres deep (my foot print can be seen for scale). So, approximately 10 cubic metres of wet sand at 2000 kg/cubic metre comes out an impressive 20 metric tonnes! Now this is insignificant to the amount of water that passes down there every day but it is still an impressive force of nature. To see it so neatly piled up in one place with so little in the immediate vicinity is also intriguing. Several new scroll bars have started developing further down the stream too.

I flushed a Snipe from the furthest ox-bow lake and a surprise was a Painted Lady behaving like it was on migration;VERY fast and VERY straight. Lots of little beetles flying around in the sun too, mostly Helophorus sp. and Aphodius sp.

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