Can you guess what it is yet?

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Tuesday 22 May 2012 21:35

I was out monitoring regeneration of woody plants at Butcherlands this afternoon and I had not looked up into the sky for what seemed like hours. I remember thinking, 'anything could have flown over head today and I wouldn't have had a clue'. I started walking back to the van at about 2.50 pm when about 150 m in front of me, flying right towards me at maybe tree height, was an odd looking raptor. It was of course a very smart Honey Buzzard and for ten minutes provided the best views I have had of one in the UK. What are the chances of one of my photos coming out right behind the electricity cables though? Imagine if that had been my only shot! I have found one Honey Buzzard a year for the last three years now but this is still only my fourth UK HB. Awesome to see this on one of our reserves!

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