Calling all pan-species listers

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Wednesday 18 January 2012 12:39

I am giving a talk on pan-species listing at the next Adastra conference in Sussex and wanted to do some analysis of the pan-species listers themselves. Firstly, I'd like to make a distribution map of where you live so, if you wouldn't mind, could you email me the first part of your postcodes please? Of course, after the presentation, I'll be happy to put this on my blog and leave it in the public domain for all to use. The second bit of information is perhaps a little more sensitive and no worries if you don't want to give it, I'm after your ages! I'd love to do a correlation between age and your list and to show the age frequency distribution. I'd be happy not to show this on my blog if people didn't want it to. I don't need them all but a good representable proportion will probably do. Ha ha, I've just re-read this. As if listing wasn't nerdy enough, I intend to make it so nerdy that it pops right out the back of nerdy into the realm of cool. That's what's I think anyway.

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