A rose by any other name

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Sunday 11 December 2011 18:07

I went in search of Rose-moss Rhodobryum roseum today at Heyshott Down, I failed. I did however, have just enough time to get up to Midhurst Cemetery and find it there (thanks Howard). It's a lovely acrocarp (would you believe those two words could occur in the same sentence?) with 'huge' green rosettes. I spotted this Scapania aspera at Heyshott which is a nice liverwort that I have seen one tiny bit of at Ditchling. Both sites are great for bryophytes. Chalk-grassland bryophytes are awesome and they are a varied bunch with a lot of diversity.

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Gibster Says:

Hmmm...there are probably 5 lifers for me in that top pic, curses!

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