Swamp things

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Monday 29 August 2011 18:11

I've been NVCing Waltham Brooks today and came across loads of these spiders, Araneus quadratus. They are really big and come in quite different colours. Not all that scarce, I have seen them before at Ebernoe and Amberley but I have not photographed them before. There were also lots of Great Green Bush-crickets around and I did manage to find one of the elusive (but noisy) buggers!
I managed to get about half of the site mapped today which I was really pleased with and this NVC community was a new one for me, OV30. The main two species here being Triffid Bur-marigold and Water-pepper. Many of the plants in this community are annuals that grow on bare mud that is seasonally inundated. There is a lot of it growing there and occasionally there is Fine-leaved Water-dropwort, Water Chickweed and in the ditches Flowering-rush.

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