Hare ball

Posted by Graeme Lyons , Sunday 27 February 2011 16:58

I managed to get quite close to this Brown Hare today on a farm survey in Hampshire. Usually the first I know of them is when I flush one from two or three metres so it was nice to spot one from afar.  I like how much they squash themselves down, it looks completely different to this, the same individual running away from me! I saw five Brown Hares today, the most I have recorded on a single survey.
The birds today were quite interesting with Crossbill and two Mediterranean Gulls being the highlights as well as a flock of 40 Yellowhammers. I didn't see any invertebrates today though, it's the longest walk and I wanted to get around before the rain hit. I did get this shot of the Bluebell leaves underneath W10 woodland. I love this time of year when there is a carpet of green underneath the unopened canopy, it looks so lush and full of potential.
Finally, there is an article in today's Sunday Telegraph about pan-species listers. Great to see this getting such coverage in a national newspaper!

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Sarah Patton Says:

Fab photo! We were talking about hares today - found a good site for them last year and planned to go back when they were boxing, which must be soon.....

Steve Gale Says:

Graeme, there is a downside to the pan-species listing getting coverage - more naturalists are declaring their lists and I'm sinking down the league table fast!!!!

Graeme Lyons Says:

Sarah, thanks! I saw three yesterday together which was pretty cool. One of the funniest things that happened was I was counting a flock of Starlings but I couldn't see them all, I then flushed a hare that ran straight through the flock and put them up making them easy to count.

Steve, yes I hear that there are two more people about to join the ranks but I am not sure how that will effect the listings.

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